Joel Winett

Since the beginning of this charter commission process, people have attended the Commission meetings in person and watched them live on TV or online from the video files. They have also accessed the meeting minutes and document from the web.

Though this is all informative, we wish that you had provided the written material in a more timely manner. Document file names should include the date so that we can identify the latest documents. The Charter Master Drafts are posted on the web but it is not clear what sections have been updated or replaced in each version. Also, please provide the minutes of each meeting after the following meeting rather than one month or more later, as has been your practice.

The public has provided input to the Commission through surveys, written emails and letters, and comments at public hearings. We have watched you listen to comments from the public at your meetings but we have not seen or heard discussion at your meetings about any process for utilizing that input. Tonight we ask the Commission to make it clearer how you have utilized, or will utilize, public input.

The Commission has stated numerous times that the charter is an iterative document, open to change throughout the development process. How will you consider changes and how will you decide which changes to make?

We request that you report the issues raised by the public (through the surveys, through email to the Commission, or at public sessions) and note how you address them.

Please allow at least one month between the date when the complete charter document is made available to the public and the date when public comments are due. We expect that the issues raised will then be seriously considered before the final charter is approved.

Please update the dates in the timeline for this phase of the charter review process.

Thank you for providing an opportunity to contribute to the charter development process.


Watch Joel’s presentation to the Charter Commission at its Public Hearing on September 22, 2016.

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