Framingham Alliance for Civic Transparency (FACT)

FACT was established in 2016 as a non-partisan civic organization advocating for transparent, effective, and ethical decision-making in the government of Framingham.

FACT’s goals are to:

  • Provide useful, objective, research-based information to the public and policymakers about transparent and effective practices in local government;
  • Represent the citizen’s interests before policymakers; and
  • Encourage citizens to vote and be actively involved in local government decisions.

Learn more about FACT on our About FACT page, and reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

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FACT is neither pro-city nor pro-town

Framingham is poised to make the biggest change in its 316-year-history with the presentation of a city charter form of government for the ballot next spring. The founders of FACT came together because of their common interest in following the process, researching other charters, deliberating about what would help make a better charter for Framingham, and providing input to the Charter Commission.

Now that a draft of the charter is complete, we will be looking at it in greater depth and assessing its potential ramifications on the quality of life of residents in our community. We have not taken a position for or against the draft charter, but we have expressed significant concerns about it as currently written.

For more information, you can read FACT recommendations to the Framingham Charter Commission on our Recommendations page and watch FACT presentations at the Charter Commission Public Hearings on our Videos page.